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About us


What defines us


√ Proximity

Our institution distinguishes itself with its small size, which allows us to focus on your unique features and direct human contact.


√ Individuality

We prepare the cycle according to what matters most to you, even in the selection.


√ Flexibility

We want humanity and flexibility to be possible. Your treatment will be tailor-made to your needs. We adapt to you and your pace, not the contrary.


√ Discretion

We respect your restrictions. You are the one to decide when and how you can be contacted.


√ Communication

We are used to attending to international patients. We know the difficulties you face when organizing your treatment. We help you throughout the whole process, from your preparation to the end of the cycle, and you will always be attended by your personal assistant: humanity and proximity.


√ Trust

We want you to feel confident, which is important to bring positive results. Yet we know that trusting is not easy: we want to confer to you a feeling of security.


√ Travelling

We help you plan and organize your stay. We define as a team the best moment for you, and we assist you when selecting your flights, accommodation, transportation, and possible cultural and gastronomic activities in the region.


√ Our team

All members of our team are specialists in their field. All have gathered years of experience in big institutions, and have chosen to join Medifer+ in order to service your needs.


√ The Clinic

By its very delicate modern architecture, our clinic inspires serenity: we care for your privacy and well being. Because it is a part of your success, we want you to feel comfortable with us.